David iMustPlayOver the last third of a century we have worked with many approaches to improving small to mid-size businesses and professional practices. Perhaps you have found, as we have, that it takes more than a seminar here and there, a couple of articles, or some good advice from a friend to acquire the know-how for the success and profitability you desire in your business.

From our experience, your best approach is to receive consulting by a certified professional consultant combined with an ongoing series of seminars and training courses designed to give you the ability to rapidly achieve you business or practice goals. We have found that an entrepreneur or professional cannot get all he/she needs to boom in a day or two. It takes a clearly laid out, step-by-step program for you and your staff, implemented with someone who is as dedicated as you are to your expansion and your viability.

At Creative Business Strategies your Consulting Program is tailored to your exact business needs. That usually means starting with our unique Business Analysis service, which is frequently done by our CEO. From there you may benefit greatly from our Marketing Booster and/or Productivity Booster.

The results from each of these can seem like magic. Each provides the next step YOU need to get the “best bang for the buck” toward achieving your goals.

Once these are done, many clients have an interest in our incredible 5-Phase Program. This program expands productivity, increases focus, properly structures your business and installs a full management by statistics module to improve your ability to track and control your business. The final step of this program ties everything together using a unique Administrative Scale of Importances.

Individual Consultation

As you can imagine, after 30+ years of experience in working with small to mid-sized business and professional practices, we have seen thousands of things tried. We specilize in the things that generate the best results – based on real natural laws that you can count upon to work for you from here on out.

Your consulting program includes one-on-one consulting to ensure that implementation of the management tools actually occurs. The consultant assists you to fully handle the barriers so that you can achieve your goals.

If you think that our approach could help you, your first step is to contact us and do your Free Analysis NOW!

Free Marketing Analysis

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Free Productivity Analysis

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Five Phase Business Consulting Program

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Other Consulting Information

Like snowflakes, each business is unique.

But there are many things every business holds in common – personnel, communication, ethics, marketing, sales, finance, quality control, planning, policy, goals and other executive functions – things every business must deal with successfully. You would benefit by knowing the best ways to handle each of these areas, backed up by thorough research and real-world experience.

We deal with all these areas, and customize our programs to our clients’ needs. Take a look at the types of businesses we’ve worked with and what they have to say about the results they achieved.



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